Earl Beecher’s Outstanding Records label discography



Paul Smith
100. Paul Smith “Collection #1
101. Paul Smith “Collection #2
102. Paul Smith “The Master Touch” (duo)
103. Paul Smith “The Ballad Touch” (solo)
104. Paul Smith “The Art Tatum Touch” (solo)
107. Paul Smith “No One But Me” (solo)
108. Paul Smith “Here I Am Again” (solo)
109. Paul Smith “Cool Jazz” (trio w/Ray Brown, Louis Bellson)
111. Paul Smith “Latin Collection”
112. Paul Smith “This One Cooks!” (trio)
113. Paul Smith “The Good Life” (quartet)
119. Paul Smith “The Touch Of Elegance” (solo)
121. Paul Smith “Going For Baroque” (duo w/trumpet)
122. Paul Smith “Paul Smith At Home” (trio)
150. Paul Smith “The Phantom Meets The Wizard” (trio)
151. Paul Smith “Garnering The Blues” (trio)
152. Paul Smith “Spotlight On George Gershwin”
154. Paul Smith “Spotlight On Richard Rodgers”
188. Paul Smith “When The World Was Young” (Orch.Ensm)
580. Paul Smith “Jazz On Broadway” (trio)

Bob McHugh
146. Bob McHugh “Soaring On Wings Of Ivory & Black) (trio)
147. Bob McHugh “After Midnight” (duo)
148. Bob Mchugh “Another Sunrise” (w/orch.)

Becky Archibald
536. Becky Arichibald “The Light At The End Of The Blues”
537. Becky Archibald  “Searching”
538. Becky Archibald “The Long Ride Home”
539. Becky Archibald “Mood Swing”

Dr. Carol Cole
586. Carol Cole “/ Keys Of The Kingdom”
587. Carol Cole “Footsteps In The Sand”
588. Carol Cole “One Magical Christmas”
589. Carol Cole “Discovery”

Connie Campbell
224. Connie Campbell “From My Heart To Yours” (duo)
499. Connie Campbell “The Christmas Piano” (solo)

Combos and Groups

128. Howard Crossen Trio “Crossen Lively”
149. George Graham Sextette “All The Right Stuff”
197. Bruce Eskovitz Quintette “Windfall”
229. Alix St. Felix “El Gato Negro II” (sextette)
315. Lazy Bird “Feelin’ It” (quintette)
365. Rob Prester “Complex Carbohydrates” (w/orch)
403. The Rhythm Brothers “Royal Street” (quartette)
484. Richard James & Bob McKewen “Jazz Reflections”
530. Darryl Alexander “This Way
572. Ron Mitchell “Jazzy Me”

Alva Nelson
533. Alva Nelson “Behavior Modification”
534. Alva Nelson “Soul Eyes”

Mark Bodino
568. Mark Bodino “No Roads To Juneau”
560 Mark Bodino Classical Giuitar Work

Joe Valenti
118. Joe Valenti & Bill Baker “With A Song In My Heart”
121. Joe Valenti & Paul Smith “Going For Baroque”

Tony Rizzi
106. Tony Rizzi & His 5 Guitars plus 4 “Rhythm Pacific”
127. Tony Rizzi & His 5 Guitars plus 4 “Charlie Christian”

Smooth Jazz

222. Gabriel James “Little Sunflower”
234. Bart (Star) Fiorito & Sam (spider) Rice “2 Da Max!”
314. Dennis Williams “Smoooothe….”
352. Phil Coley “Tropical Colors”

Bob Chance
239. Bob Chance “Ice”
240. Bob Chance “Silk”

Rob Laber
293. Rob Laber “In A Romantic State Of Mind”
295. Rob Laber “Piano In The Background”
485. Rob Laber “Alone Together
505. Rob Laber “Smooth Vibe”

Big Band

125. Dr. Toot’s Musical Medicine Show – “Music Is The Best Medicine”
183. The Yachtsmen “Easy Dancin’”
192. Gary Lawrence’s “Sizzling Syncopaters”
339. Lou Dokken “His Trombone & His Orchestra”
486. Shirley Faye “Songs To Sing, Vol. 1”
487. Shirley Faye “Songs To Sing, Vol. 2”

Charlie Staump
139. Charlie Staump & The Big Band Commotion- “Big Band Commotion #1”
250. Charlie Staump’s Orchestra “An Evening With ..”
251. Charlie Staump’s Orchestra “Reunion At Arthur’s” (with Charlie Ventura & Marianne Dunne)

George Carroll
344. George Carroll and his 17-piece Sarasota Sunsets – Jazz Band “I’ll Never Stop Loving You”
345. George Carroll “Destination Love”
346. George Carroll “Till I Found You”
370. George Carroll “Catch The Spirit”

Joel Leach & CSUN Band
156. Joel Leach & California State Univsity Northridge – Jazz Band “Scrapbook”
223. Joel Leach & CSUN Jazz Band The Final Set”
225. Joel Leach & CSUN Jazz Band – “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”
230. Joel Leach & CSUN Jazz Band “Let’s Eat Cactus”

John Henderson
218. John Henderson’s Big Band “Let’s Dance”
219. John Henderson’s Big Band “Let’s Dance Again”
220. John Henderson’s Big Band “Let’s Keep Dancing”

Marty Conley
136. Marty Conley’s Big Band Express “On Track #1”
137. Marty Conley’s Big Band Express “On Track #2”
138. Marty Conley’s Big Band Express “On Track #3”
594.. Marty Conley’s Big Band Express “On Track #4”

Mike Sharp
129. Mike Sharp’s Balboa Brass “Sounds Of Newport”
130. Mike Sharp’s Balboa Brass “Sounds Of Love”

Shirley Faye
486. Shirley Faye “Songs To Sing, Vol. 1”
487. Shirley Faye “Songs To Sing, Vol. 2”

NEW AGE / Meditation / Creative

187. John Thomas “Soliel, A Step Beyond” (quartet)
259. Harry Salzberg “Mirror Image”
274. Marcel Peelen “Music From The Future”
297. Donalyn Gross (Harp solo) “Tranquility”
336. John Paris (Piano)  “Journey Of Soul”
400. Kerry Johnson (Piano) “Ebenezer Crossing”

Richard James
299. Richard James “As In A Dream”
484. Richard James & Bob McKewen “Jazz Reflections”

Vicki DeLor
371. Vicki DeLor “Arise”
372. Vicki DeLor “Clouds Passing Over”
373. Vicki DeLor “Fairy Tales”
374. Vicki DeLor “End Of Day”
375. Vicki DeLor “The Road Of Life”
376. Vicki DeLor “Fields Of Green”
377. Vicki DeLor “Pizzazz”
378. Vicki DeLor “Smoooth”
380. Vicki DeLor “My Cautious Heart”
382. Vicki DeLor “Turning””
470. Vicki DeLor “Substance Of Life”
471. Vicki DeLor “Chase The Moon”
472. Vicki DeLor “Up, Up And Away”
473. Vicki DeLor “Some Days Are Sunny”
474. Vicki DeLor “United In Love”
498. Vicki DeLor “When The Sun Meets The Sky”
507. Vicki DeLor “First Snow”
508. Vicki DeLor “Christmas Dreams”
543  Vicki DeLor “Spring Fever”
544. Vicki DeLor “Summer Fun”
545. Vicki DeLor “Wedding Music”
546. Vicki DeLor “After Dark”
547. Vicki DeLor “Ding Dong, Merrily On High”.


384. Wayne Faust “Bald Guys Are Cool!”

St Stan Boreson
281. Stan Boreson “Fractures Christmas”
282. Stan Boreson “And Other Swedish Smorgasbord”
283. Stan Boreson & Doug Setterberg “Yust Go Country & Western”
284. Stan Boreson & Doug Setterberg “Yust Go Nuts At Christmas”
285. Stan Boreson “Yust Tinkin’ Of Yogi”
286. Stan Boreson “Ay Don’t Give A Hoot”
287. Stan Boreson & Doug Setterberg “Stan & Doug Are At It Again!”
288. Stan Boreson “The Scandinavian Hot Shot”
289. Stan Boreson “More Scandihoovian Hits”
290. Stan Boreson “Laughing It Up”
509. Stan Boreson “I Just Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore”


GEO Conner
212. GEO Conner (Two Modern-Dance Ballets) – “Terrorism Ballet” & “Toybox Ballet”
247. GEO Conner “Afro Tapestry”
248. GEO Conner “Healing Irish Echoes”
249. GEO Conner “GEO’s Unpredictable Genius”

317. Wave Invasion “Which Way To The Beach?” -Summer Wave
316. Summer Wave “Surf Rider”
318. Summer Wave “Return To Mando’s”
303. Tyrone Houston “No Boundaries”


Date Line 5
350. Date Line 5 “Let’s Get Funky”
351. Date Line 5 “Style ‘N’ Groove”
524. Joey Topel “Hip-Hop Super Hero”
578. One Man Kru “Man On A Mission”


How-To & Self-Improvement Discs
1001. Dr. George Demos “How To Stop Smoking”


Heavy Metal Rock

120. Beowulf “Rock & Roll Highway”
135. Shades Of Mystery “Left In The Cold”
158. ‘Dru “Hotter Than …”
226. Synapse “Sword Of Truth”
237. Dan Rion “What Will Be”
256. Gage “Makin’ It Happen!”
310. Highway “The Road Of Life”
495. V-ROX “Waiting For You”

231. B T P “Indestructible”
232. B T P “Saturated”

Alternative Rock

155. Tom Adelstein “No Easy Answers”
238. Bob Chance “Raw Rock”
489. Sammy Stone Hutchinson “I’m Falling In Love Tonight”
413. Dave Braynard “Deep Vanilla”
518. B-Movie Kings “Out Of Control”

Hard Times Band
575. Hard Times Band “Whatever Happened To The – American Dream”
576. Hard Times Band “The Green CD”
577. Hard Times Band “Naked”

High Octane
417. High Octane “High Octane”
517. High Octane “No Second Chances”

Pop Rock

367. Jim Wise “She Wants To Drive My Truck”
369. Tim Tibbitts “Portraits”
415. Terry Strickland “It’s A New World”
513. Duke Steelcraft “Love Fantasy”
515. Tattoo Billy “American Shakespeare”
504. Roger Lee Valdez “Flirtin’ With Trouble”

Henri Pierre Laborde
548. Henri Pierre Laborde “Tasty”
549. Henri Pierre Laborde “To Mom”
550. Henri Pierre Laborde “Children’s Gorden Of Love”
551. Henri Pierre Laborde “Marie Noelle”
552. Henri Pierre Laborde “Taste This”
553. Henri Pierre Laborde “Unspoken”
554. Henri Pierre Laborde “Dessert”
555. Henri Pierre Laborde “Second Helping”

James Hall Davis
311. James Hall Davis “Restless Child”
312. James Hall Davis “When Heaven Cries”
313. James Hall Davis “Dark Laughter”

The Jerry T. Band
254. Jerry T. Band “Chug-A-Lug”
255. Jerry T. Band “Truckers Are Heroes”
260. Jerry T. Band “Tiger”
261. Jerry T. Band “Trouble”
262. Jerry T. Band “Rockabilly Man
263. Jerry T. Band “Jerry T’s 20 Best”
264. Jerry T. Band “You Don’t Want Me For Your Lover”
439. Jerry T. Band “Jerry T’ Family Christmas”
440. Jerry T. Band “Chuck Berry Favorites”
490. Jerry T. Band “Try Again”

Rod Scott
308. Rod Scott “Road To Recovery”
309. Rod Scott “Make A Difference”

Tony Mecca
301. Tony Mecca “Princes Of The New Dark Age”
302. Tony Mecca “Purple Monkeys & Other Personalities”
483. Tony Mecca “Hello, Goodbye & Everything In Between”

POP / Adult Contemporary

116. Mary Hicks w/Paul Smith “Mr. Smith & I”
157. Alex Diambrini “Out Of The Dark”
159. Patti O’Hara “Mixed Moods
186. Jim Gierlich w/Paul Smith “Mr. Jim Sings”
214. Jay Welch Chorale “In The Still Of The Night”
243. Bob Chance “Easy Street”
265. John Peacox Presents The Marlaines “Give Me More”
296. Mike Silba “Thinkin’ Back”
422. Jim Cartwright “Talk To Me”
437. Joe Croyle “Tribute To Mel Torme”
480. Michael Grajek “East Coast, West Coast”
493. Jim Timbers “The Positive Revolustion”
495. V ROX “Waiting For You”
497. Erv Veno “Smooth Touch”
567. Mary Hart “Take Me Back To The 50s”
572. Ron Mitchel :Jazzy Me”

Annette Warren
105. Annette Warren w/Paul Smith “Torch Songs”
114. Annette Warren w/ Paul Smith “One More Time”
115. Annette Warren “Being A Woman”
117. Annette Warren “It’s What You Believe In”
501. Annette Warren “Could’ve Been Famous”

Anthony Cirillo
270. Anthony Cirillo “Songs For A Rainy Night”
321. Anthony Cirillo “Ringing In The New Year” (January)
322. Anthony Cirillo “Be My Valentine” (February)
323. Anthony Cirilllo “Pasta & Potatoes” (March)
324. Anthony Cirillo “April Showers” (April)
325. Anthony Cirillo “Celebrating Our Heroes” (May)
326. Anthony Cirillo “June Tunes” (June)
327. Anthony Cirillo “Summer Celebration” (July)
328. Anthony Cirillo “Some Enchanted Evening (August)
329. Anthony Cirillo “Fall Fever” (September)
330. Anthony Cirillo “Moonbeams & Magic” (October)
331. Anthony Cirillo “Giving Thanks” (November)
332. Anthony Cirillo “Holiday Memories” (December)
333. Anthony Cirillo “The Meaning Of Life”
353. Anthony Cirillo “Cirillo Sings Sinatra, Vol. 1”
354. Anthony Cirillo “Cirillo Sings Sinatra, Vol. 2”

Ed Teja
496. Ed Teja “Soft Dreaming Blues”
514. Ed Teja “Blue Light”

George Sladek
395. George Sladek “The Natural”
447. George Sladek “Modern Day Classics, Vol. 1”
448. George Sladek “Modern Day Classics, Vol. 2”

James Long & Mary Ann Long
168. Mary Ann & James Long “First Class Band”
169. James Long “Going Places”

Juan Oskar
591. “Stairway To Heaven”
592. “Sings & Plays Trumpet”
593. “Superhero”
594. “Christmas Classics”
595. “Christmas Is For Grownups Too”

Kent Marcum
478. Kent Marcum “The Journey”
479. Kent Marcum “Playtime”

126. Leander “An Hour Of Love”
266. Leander “Night Of A Thousand Kisses”
366. Leander “The Best Of Both Worlds”
368. Leander “All That I Have”
398. Leander “Seems Like Yesterday, Part 1”
399. Leander “Seems Like Yesterday, Part 2”
429. Leander “The Best Of Leander, Vol. 1”
430. Leander “A Beatles Tribute”

Ron Brown
130. Ron Brown w/ Mike Sharp’s Balboa Brass – “Sounds Of Love”
133. Ron Brown  w/ Paul Smith “The Girl I Love”


185. Pat Hennessy “Triple Seven”
306. Larry McCarty & The Wang Dang Doodle Band – “Fun For The Whole Family”

Stan Patterson
279. Stan Patterson & Fahrenheit “Adventure in R-n-B”
280. Stan Patterson “Bring It On, Baby!”


Billy Jones

304. Billy Jones “Bluez”
305. Billy Jones “Prime Suspect For The Blues” Ron J. Land
405. Ron J. Land “Life Ain’t Easy”
406. Ron J. Land “PATH: A Bluesman Sings The Blues”
407. Ron Land Blues Band “Rockin’ Blues-LIVE”


227. Ty Causey “Just Cause”

Mike McNamara
356. Mike McNamara’s Wholly Soul Band “Memphis Plus!”
357. Mike McNamara’s Wholly Soul Band “Detroit Plus!”
358. Mike McNamara “NoTurning Back”


189. Jorge Rodrigues-Lozano “Lozanias
291. Rob Laber “In A Salsa State Of Mind”
383. Rene Castellanos “Numero Uno”
491. Kachimba 1551 “Ubabo”
510. Lalo Garcia “Hay No Hoy Cover”
531. Garbiel Rosati “Brazilatafro”

Frank Villlafano
559. Frank Villafano “South Beach”
562. Frank Villafano “Punto De Vista””

Hector Contreras
464. Hector Contreras “Un Dia En Espana”
465. Hector Contreras “Soundscape”

Vic Garcia
141. Vic Garcia “Love For The World
142. Vic Garcia “Message From Garcia””

Ya Tafari
362. Ya Tafari “Dance Till Dawn”
363. Ya Tafari “Ole’”
364. Ya Tafari “Bahamian Sun

Zerimar & Fritz
271. Zerimar & Fritz “The 7th Side Of The Triangle”
272. Zerimar & Fritz “Especial By Request”
273. Zerimar & Fritz “Imaginary Magic”
488. Zerimar & Fritz “Luz De Luna”


145. Greg Doumanian “Studio Greg”

Varouge Merdjanian
144. Varouge Merdjanian “Maghtunk”
516. Varouge & Noubar “Ge Tarna”

Kreshnik Zhabaku
215. Kreshnik Zhabaku and; Lindita Lole’ – “Kosovo, Songs of War and  Peace””
217. Kreshnik Zhabaku “Classical Songs”

Yaron Cohen
477. Yaron Cohen “Miistra Dermaya”
579. Yaron Cohen “The Big Boom”


216. Standford Johnson “Harlem Groove”
235. Michael J. Maione“Mayday! MaydayOnTheDance Floor!”


110. (14 Artists) “Country Sampler”
267. John Gillies presents Randy Crenshaw & Teressa – James “California Country”
276. Bud Tyndale “When You Smile”
298. McArthur Jordan “Talk To Me”
300. Buddy Lewis “Songs From The Heartland”
402. Doug Mattocks “Dueling Banjos to Malaguena”
435. Travis Rush “Come And Get It”
436. John Foster “The Lost Nashville Chronicles”
381. Bird & Tines “The Stuff Country Songs Are Made Of”
444. John Buttram “I’ve Seen It All”
466. Dainel Jackson “Next To You”
469. Bob Aubert “I Wanna Give The World A Song”
504. Roger Lee Valdez “Flirtin’ With Trouble”

Bobby “Swampgrass” Anderson
387. BobbySwampgrassAnderson “Railroad Songs, #1””
388. BobbySwampgrassAnderson “Steelin’ The Show1”
389. BobbySwampgrassAnderson “Steelin’ The Show2”
390. BobbySwampgrassAnderson “Honky Tonk”
393. BobbySwampgrassAnderson “Big Hole In Ground”
408. BobbySwampgrassAnderson “Yodel Lady Hoo”
409. BobbySwampgrassAnderson”Rollin’Down Highway
410. BobbySwampgrassAnderson “Take It Or LeaveIt”
411. BobbySwampgrassAnderson “BackTo AnotherTime”
412. Bobby & David Anderson “Rockabilly Bob & Dave”
428. Bobby Swampgrass Anderson “When Country Was Country”
431. Bobby Swampgraww Anderson “Railroad Songs,#.2”
433. Bobby Swampgrass Anderson “Swampgrass’ Plays Bluegrass””
445. Bobby Swampgrass Anderson “POP Goes Country”
519. Bobby Swampgrass Anderson “C&W Memories #1”
520. Bobby Swampgrass Anderson “C&W Memories #2”

Dave Anderson
450. Dave Anderson “My Guitar Sings”
451. Dave Anderson “Western Swing, Vol. 1”
452. Dave Anderson “Western Swing, Vol 2”
453. Dave Anderson “Country Roots, Vol. 1”
454. Dave Anderson “Country Roots, Vol. 2”
455. Dave Anderson “Country Roots, Vol. 3”
456. Dave Anderson “Country Roots, Vol. 4”
457. Dave Anderson “Wild Country Express, Vol.1”
458. Dave Anderson “Wild Country Express, Vol.2”
459. Dave Anderson “Wild Country Express, Vol.3”
460. Dave Anderson ”Tribute To Bobby Anderson, #1”
461. Dave Anderson “Tribute To Bobby Anderson, #2”

Gene Rockwell Gant
143. GeneRockwellGant “LoveThatCountry Music”
500. Gene Rockwell Gant “Still Makin’ Music”

George Sladek
396. George Sladek “Cosmopolitan Country”
397. George Sladek “Da Ladykilla”
447. George Sladek “Modern Day Classics, Vol. 1”
448. George Sladek “Modern Day Classics, Vol. 2”

Greg Connor
190. Greg Connor “Cowboy At Large
191. Greg Connor “Truck Stop USA”
503. Greg Connor “Map And A Miracle”

Martee Mohr
418. Martee Mohr “Just One More Chance”
557. Martee Mohr “Live at Stanley’s”
558. Martee Mohr “Live at the Roman Chariot”

Myrna Rae Booth presents:
347. Myrna Rae Booth presents Mick Kovar “Heartland Country Songs”
348. Myrna Rae Booth presents Phil Coley – “American Country Songs”
349. Myrna Rae Booth “Heartland Songs Of Faith”
449. Myrna Rae Booth “Songs For The Holidays”

Papa Joe Britt
277. “Papa Joe” Britt “Texas Attitude”
278. “Papa Joe” Britt “Songwriter’s Dream”
447. “Papa Joe” Britt “Ethereal Plane”
448. “Papa Joe” Britt “Lightning In The Dark”

Phil Coley
258. Phil Coley “Songs by Steve Ferguson”

Ray Johnson & Saldo Kreek
337. Ray Johnson & Saldo Kreek “Panning For Gold”
338. Ray Johnson & Saldo Kreek “Love Street”

Ray Lani
469. Ray Lani “It’s All Because Of You”
475. Ray Lani “The Lake”
476. Ray Lani “That’s What I Do”
511. Ray Lani “For All Seasons”
556. Ray Lani “Approaching Storm”
566. Ray Lani “Christian Basics”

Richard Murrey
171. Richard Murrey “Baby Don’t”
172. Richard Murrey “Gator Brown”
173. Richard Murrey “Eat The Music”
174. Richard Murrey “A Little Bit Naughty”
175. Richard Murrey “Six String Shooter”
176. Richard Murrey “More Than A Friend”
177. Richard Murrey “Lost Hearts, Inc.”
178. Richard Murrey “Where Do You Get Your Lovin’?”
179. Richard Murrey “Bayou Girl”
180. Richard Murrey “Travelin Guitar Man”

Thomas Ventiquattro II
335. Thomas Ventiquattro II, “Twilight Blue Excursion”
441. Thomas Ventiquattro II, “Horizon Eyes



117. Annette Warren w/Paul Smith “It’s What You Believe In”
213. Jay Welch Chorale & Symphony – “In God’s Own Time”
532. Gabriel Rosati “Heavenly Melodies”

James Long
160. James Long “120 Traditional Hymns” from the Armed Forces Hymnal.
161. James Long “Traditional Hymns #1”*
162. James Long “Traditional Hymns #2”*
163. James Long “Traditional Hymns #3”*
164. James Long “Traditional Hymns #4”*
165. James Long “Traditional Hymns #5”*
166. James Long “Traditional Hymns #6”*


132. Betty Perkins “I’ve Been Blessed”

Contemporary Christian

199. Thomas LeFevre “River Of Grace”
236. Ty Causey “Spiritual Overflow”
244. Bob Chance “Fresh Air”
349. Myrna Rae Booth “Heartland Songs Of Faith”
394. Bobby Swampgrass Anderson “Bible On Table
462. Urban Angel “Worship Culture”

Wanda Sue Watkins
426. Wanda Sue Watkins “Down Home Gospel Songs #1”
427. Wanda Sue Watkins “Down Home Gospel Songs #2”
438. Wanda Sue Watkins “Down Home Gospel Songs #3”
463. Wanda Sue Watkins “The Gospel Songbird”

Holiday / Christmas

167. James Long “Traditiional Christmas Hymns”
294. Rob Laber “It’s Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas”
379. Vicki DeLor “Joy To The World”
439. Jerry T. Band “Jerry T.’s Family Christmas”
449. Myrna Rae Booth “Songs For The Holidays”
499. Connie Campbell “The Christmas Piano”
508. Vicki DeLor “Christmas Dreams”
540. Becky Archibald “The Christmas One”
588. Carol Cole “One Magical Christmas”

Gene Valentino (Narrates)
581. Joys Of Christmas, Vol. 1
582. Joys Of Christmas, Vol. 2
583. Joys Of Christmas, Vol. 3

Juan Oskar
594. “Christmas Classics”
595. “Chirstmas Is For Grownups Too”

Stan Boreson
281. Stan Boreson “Fractures Christmas”
284. Stan Boreson & Doub Setterberg “I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas”


221. Lady Arlene “Children’s Magic Garden”
245. Bob Chance “Happy Times in TeddyBear Land”
391. Adeleina “Pony Prancer’s Birthday Party”
419. Cheryl Edelman “Everyday Life Of Kids”


292. Rob Laber “New Music For Guitar & Orch
392. Adeleina “Celestial Music”
569. Mark Bodino “Classical Guitar Works”

Dr. Charles Robert Haag
200. Dr. Bob Haag “32 Beethoven Sonatas”
201. Dr. Bob Haag “Beethoven Sonatas #1-#3”
202. Dr. Bob Haag “Beethoven Sonatas #4-#6”
203. Dr. Bob Haag “Beethoven Sonatas #7-#9”
204. Dr. Bob Haag “Beethoven Sonatas #10-#12”
205. Dr. Bob Haag “Beethoven Sonatas #13-#15”
206. Dr. Bob Haag “Beethoven Sonatas #16-#18”
207. Dr. Bob Haag “Beethoven Sonatas #19-#23”
208. Dr. Bob Haag “Beethoven Sonatas #24-#27”
209. Dr. Bob Haag “Beethoven Sonatas #28-#29”
210. Dr. Bob Haag “Beethoven Sonatas #30-#32”
211. Dr. Bob Haag “Selected Beethoven Sonatas:
(#8.Pathetique, #14.Moonlight, #17.Tempest)

501. Annette Warren Smith  “Could’ve Been Famous”
505. Kelly Andrew Kaveny “Olympus”